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Sell Us Your Used Refrigerants Today

Sell Us Your Used Refrigerants Today

How much is your recovered R-22 or other refrigerant worth? R-22 is legal to use, buy and sell back to us even after 2020.


Get the best buy-back market price from the leading EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer in the country. For your qualifying amount, we'll pick up your used refrigerants and pay you for every bit of reclaimable refrigerant you return. We'll send a check in about 30 days with a full report of your cylinder's contents.


If you just need to drop off a cylinder or two, use our searchable map to find a ReKlaim Collection Center location convenient to you.


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  • Cylinder replacement and refurbishing
  • Unused or unwanted refrigerants 




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How to Become a ReKlaim Collection Center

Become a ReKlaim Collection Center today and receive cash for the used and surplus refrigerants you collect--all while bringing contractors in to shop at your store.


ASPEN Refrigerants makes it easy! Download our brochure here and call us today.  


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