Every service Airgas Refrigerants provides is backed by the experience and know how of our entire organization and we are equally dedicated to every project, whether simple or complex, large or small.

Service You Can Count On

Airgas Refrigerants remains on the cutting edge of today’s technology and has taken on-site refrigerant recovery and reclamation to a whole new level.

Airgas Refrigerants can return your refrigerants to ARI-700 standards on-site with our patented RPS and MPS technologies.

RPS is a high speed, transportable recovery reclamation unit that can return refrigerants to meet or exceed ARI-700 purity standards on-site at speeds of up to 2,700 pounds per hour. With our RPS technology, we can reprocess refrigerant with the chiller either on-line or shut down.

For larger more complex marine and industrial applications, Airgas Refrigerants provides MPS Technology which has been successfully used for US Navy vessels, commercial and high-rise buildings, supermarkets and hotels.

Airgas also provides dehydration and flushing services designed to remove moisture from any refrigerant system regardless of size and capacity.

Airgas Refrigerants’ on-site services are run by certified Airgas field technicians who will work safely and conscientiously on-site throughout the process.